National Park Durmitor, mottled with forests which are centuries old, decorated with numerous mountain springs, lives its primordial harmony. In this unspoiled environment there are no pollutants. On the clear, transparent springs, the water can be taken in a way which our ancestors did- by hands. It can be consumed as rarely-where in the world- from the hands.

Analyses of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro have confirmed that the water is of high quality, because it is not influenced by any of pollutants.

diva contains very low level of sodium, which makes it desirable in the nutrition. In addition to important functions in our body, sodium restricts the loss of body fluids, and its excessive entry represents a significant risk factor in the genesis of atherosclerosis and high blood pressure, as well as other diseases such as osteoporosis, nephritis, edema, and obesity.

Because of the prominent and listed benefits, people of any age, from oldest to the youngest should and can drink diva.  And in unlimited quantities. It can be used during the preparation of food for juices dilution and sports and recreational activities. As for those who have health problems, it is particularly recommended for hypertension, obesity and other cardiovascular diseases.

Natural spring water diva from the heart of Durmitor, with its composition, relation of electrolytes and minerals, particularly with its flavor, meets the strictest criteria. Because of the unique content of minerals, calcium, magnesium, unique freshness and potability - our water is especially recommended for children, pregnant women, elderly, and those who perform the difficult and stressful jobs.

According to the strict procedures of the Institute of Public Health, the source Gusarevci, as well as the other sources in Montenegro, is examined twice a year through complete and extended analysis.